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Be Here Now - 2024 Calendar


When it feels like things are spinning all around you, the one thing you can control is what you focus on. Let’s dive together into a year committed to being present, reveling in the joy that’s right in front of you, and celebrating all that you’ve done already.

It's hard to slow down, but the calm you find when you do is so very worth it. It's our hope that this year's calendar will serve as a daily reminder that peace is possible and you're worth it. 

The process to make this years calendar is particularly unique. When folks are here for Drink&Ink classes they often dig through our scrap bin and oogle the beautiful mess that is our garbage. So we took our trash (which is mostly made by class participants) and turned it into beautiful collages. Scanned those collages and sent to Bear Bear to be riso printed, then letterpress printed type and ornaments from our collection on top of those prints and ALAS! Art turned trash turned art again. Full circle y'all. 

Some logistics: The full calendar is 11x17 and has a small hole drilled at the top for hanging. Each page is designed so that it can be trimmed down to an 8x10 framable art print once the month is over.

Please note: not all months are pictured here - who wants to ruin a surprise, amiright?